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Jared27970: so did u want something?
likewow14: not really, just small talk
Jared27970: small talk? kinda looks like no talk to me
likewow14: im pretty sure were going to bluefeild(cape colony)
Jared27970: oh...thats nice
Jared27970: and that involves me how?
likewow14: this months text will have alot of general toss ups, not as many keywords
Jared27970: really?
likewow14: chapters seem about equal in material, prolly alot fom chapter 20
Jared27970: i dont wanna talk about bible bowl, i am fed up with the way everything is going right now
likewow14: oh, as in????
Jared27970: just as in everything
likewow14: im getting tired of the whole mess
likewow14: too
Jared27970: i bet u i am more tired of it than u
likewow14: doubt it, maybe just as but not more
Jared27970: oh yes....its more, its a whole hell of a lot more
Jared27970: they made me look bad
likewow14: who
likewow14: i personally think if anything you look better
Jared27970: whoever said we may have been given answers by Billy and Tara
likewow14: i told everybody that i talked to that you were all real and nothing fake
Jared27970: no it looks worse....when someone say u may have been given answers and u make over a 100 points better than everyone on ur team it doesnt look good....
likewow14: actually, everyone from scuppernong that i know of is happy for you
Jared27970: and tonight i had to walk in that church, and look at those 7th and 8th graders who were sad because people thought they cheated
likewow14: i think the fact that you team test average is a 31 that you are validated, geez, theres no way you couldve cheated
likewow14: no one ever said you cheated anyway, they thought it looked bad
Jared27970: yep, i only wished someone would have thought about that before they opened their big mouth
Jared27970: whats the difference Robert!>
likewow14: well
likewow14: alot
Jared27970: u may have been given answers to a test they have already taken, that sounds like cheating to me
likewow14: i really dont think that anyone thought you cheated
likewow14: MAY
likewow14: lighten up, i've been accused of worse in 16 years
Jared27970: well guess what........i have too, but none of them hurt worse than this one does now
likewow14: im sure the 1st time i made a 140 people thought something was up....seeing as i made a 101 the month before
Jared27970: because they just didnt make me look bad, but they made Becky look bad and they upset those children
Jared27970: i didnt hear anything of it
Jared27970: did u?
Jared27970: i never once heard Robert may have cheated
likewow14: no, i wasnt in the situation
Jared27970: exactly
likewow14: but i've done my best to make sure people know you havent cheated
Jared27970: then i hear that it was Cape Colony that said something about it...
Jared27970: first i hear that it was James, then i hear that it was Cape Colony, something around hear is fishy...
likewow14: i dont know, i know i didnt say that you cheated, and if your insinuating that i lied on you then your wrong, infact i dont see how you could think i would bad mouth you as much as i like, respect and have done for you
Jared27970: i didnt say u bad mouth me, i am just saying looks bad on u by Cape Colony saying something and it just so happens u play for them
likewow14: this is a bunchof bull, im tired of the arguing JESUS CHRIST in his name cant we get along with everyone
Jared27970: why?
Jared27970: do u really wanna know why?
likewow14: why
Jared27970: because the last two months we have been lacking one thing...and the problem is we still are
likewow14: what is that
Jared27970: the truth.....
Jared27970: and i dont wanna argue about who is right or wrong
likewow14: i have heard so many different things i could die
Jared27970: but the fact is, nothing that has been said in our church the past two months has been 100% fact
likewow14: the problem is, im starting not to care
likewow14: about anything
Jared27970: u know what...ur the only one then...thats the reason i am here right now talking to u...because i do fact i probably care too much
likewow14: i did but...u know what, my heart has been broken enough without all of this, i have feelings just like you, and we've both been hurt
Jared27970: can i ask u a question....i want u to answer it honestly
likewow14: i've never been called a liar
likewow14: aight
likewow14: ???
likewow14: only if i can ask u one
likewow14: ???
Jared27970: ok....but here is my question: Why did u break up with Tara at my house then ask Lisa out that following friday?
Jared27970: i think that was wrong of u
Jared27970: and i just wanna know why
likewow14: i asked her to go on a date....not to be my girlfriend, on a friends type of date, i thought she was my friend
Jared27970: i still think that was wrong considering the circumstances
likewow14: honestly, if i could be with tara today i would be
Jared27970: well after what u did that night, she doesnt want anything to do with u and i cant say that i blame her
likewow14: why, i didnt go with her no more, i cant go out with a friend, she is the one who said she didnt know if she could be with me because i didnt think her dad was an evangelist, but i guess no body gives a damn about what i think, all they know is what other people say
Jared27970: it isnt that, its just that u didnt even wait a week man!
likewow14: i didnt want to be a boyfriend with lisa, honestly i was going to talk about her coming back to church more than anything
Jared27970: but u broke up with her robert, didnt u say u wanted to be better than friends? i mean u were at my house when u called her on the phone
likewow14: i still aint over tara, ask lyndsey, i told her earlier, i could be with 1 of 2 or 3 girls right now, the only problem is i still think about tara
likewow14: better than friends, less than boyfriend girlfriend(exact quote)
likewow14: i would not have asked lisa if i had of thought i wouldve hurt tara
likewow14: i really didnt think much of it since it was as friends
likewow14: hey you there
Jared27970: yeah
Jared27970: i still think u were wrong in what u did
likewow14: maybe so, infact your prolly right on that one, you know you have a tendancy to do dumb things when your real depressed
likewow14: it did look bad
Jared27970: yeah, and sometimes sore losers say stupid things
likewow14: sore losers....huh
Jared27970: or should i say call people cheaters
likewow14: who would be a sore loser
Jared27970: or maybe it was sore winners...i dont know...either way, someone owes Philippi an opology
likewow14: i see were this is going....hey if you want to bad mouth me thats fine, i told you, i never said anything to hurt your reputation, but if you wanna act like that then go ahead
Jared27970: i was bad mouthing u u fool
likewow14: what???
Jared27970: i have no reputation to hurt however those sponsers do
Jared27970: nevemind
Jared27970: there was nothing to see....if u read what u thought u read u would of realized i meant it could have been u or it could have been someone else...either my lips....I Don't CARE.....all i know is that Philippi needs an apology
likewow14: hey, you tell becky, if anyone deserves the apology its me, she acted crappy over that contention, im sorry for her situation, i didnt start the rumor or add fuel to it, i tried to stop it
Jared27970: damnit..i am tired of that...u know what...i was pissed over that contention too
Jared27970: u happy now!
likewow14: yes
Jared27970: i hated it...u were beating us by over 150 points, we had no chance of winning that round
likewow14: you wouldve beat us
Jared27970: Robert! open ur eyes
likewow14: it was the 10th Q.
likewow14: not to mention i didnt know the score
Jared27970: thats right...and how many outta the next 5 did u get? was 4
Jared27970: the point is, u get so much into those matches that u dont care to think.
Jared27970: and it pissed me off
likewow14: i wouldnt have done it but i felt the game was in jeopardy
Jared27970: well....ur wrong
likewow14: well....u wouldve done the same thing, and you know it
Jared27970: no i wouldnt have
likewow14: maybe your the sore loser, or phillipi
Jared27970: i could have contested a lot
Jared27970: i am glad i lost
likewow14: i didnt miss quote any
Jared27970: i didnt mean against u
Jared27970: i meant against anyone period
likewow14: i only contested against you
likewow14: one time
Jared27970: i know, i didnt contest the whole day....i didnt need too
Jared27970: and u didnt have to that round, and i forgive u for that, but i still think that u were wrong in what u did
likewow14: i did, you couldve won that match
likewow14: i didnt know i would get the last 4 Q's
Jared27970: it wouldnt have mattered.....still werent enouth time, we only got two questions the whole round
likewow14: lets face it, as a whole you knew the text slightly better than me, i knew nothing fron 16, 17 ,or18,
likewow14: infact the only reason i beat you on the test is because i knew 15 so well
Jared27970: no it aint...the only reason u beat me on that test was because i started 10 minutes late, my pen broke and i left 7 blank that i didnt have time to go back and get
likewow14: but either way i beat you, luck or not, as far as the competition, you wouldve one the first time but we got that one from chapter 2
likewow14: wich, obviously is the luck of the draw
Jared27970: yep...
Jared27970: ur right
Jared27970: actually i could have beat u if i had of said Family Trees instead of Family Tree
likewow14: infact, i honestly felt you were gonna win that game
likewow14: true, but, im glad you said tree
Jared27970: i really didnt was so early in the matches that i didnt have time to warm up
likewow14: :-P
Jared27970: oh...i bet u are.....
likewow14: well, i thought from the start you would beat us, infact, the 2 best rounds i played all day was against yall
Jared27970: i got another question for u
likewow14: ok
Jared27970: who told u that Billy and Tara practiced with us?
likewow14: first time i beleive it was .... you (before this whole mess)
likewow14: infact im positive
Jared27970: well how about u take ur almost positive and make it an almost negative
likewow14: no...we were chatting and you said they had practiced with yall, that was the 1st wensday after this whole mess with larry
likewow14: i paid little attention to it though
Jared27970: they went to Philippi and sat in like the second to last wednesay in october, but that was still two weeks before they took there test
Jared27970: in fact it was even before we played monopoly at kelly's house that night
likewow14: i know, that is when you told me, that wouldve been that wensay i said
likewow14: wensday
Jared27970: they have never gone to a sunday night practice...and i mean NEVER
Jared27970: well then u didnt hear that from me, someone else told u that
likewow14: i know that, they were in maryland on sunday nights
Jared27970: so who told u they practiced with us the wednesday after they took the test?
likewow14: were talkin bout wensdays
likewow14: i heard that from a few different people
Jared27970: like? i need names
Jared27970: i mean i really need to know, this is of grave importance
likewow14: im not willing to drag other people in, but i will say that i recieved about 3 phone calls, honestly, i told them all not to worry, but at the same time i knew that this rumor would spread, just know that someone talked to someone else in yalls church, their must have been a mix up
likewow14: im not sure exactly who those two were, the people who i talked to will not say anything else, i was the first person they talked to
Jared27970: but u said someone from school said something
likewow14: yes, that was one person, but they had just heard someone else
likewow14: say something about it
Jared27970: so did u tell ur dad this? i mean if i was to ask him he would say yes thats what Robert told me?
likewow14: honestly, theres no telling exactly were this thing started
likewow14: my dad robert???
Jared27970: no...ur big daddy
likewow14: he' knows just what i was willing to tell him, but he could care less
likewow14: oh henry
likewow14: henry didnt here it from me first
likewow14: infact i dont know who told him
Jared27970: well when did he find out? before or after u?
likewow14: and yes....i told them all that i was sure you wouldnt cheat, before, i beleive, actually it might have been after i heard it because i really didnt think much of it, i was hoping it would just go away
likewow14: look, i promise you, no one in scupperning even has an inkling of a thought that you and philipi cheated, we think yall are a good team and deserved what you got
Jared27970: well i dont care about what scuppernong thinks
likewow14: well, then what are you worried about
Jared27970: and i thinking of changing my membership anyways...
Jared27970: i am worried about people bringing down my friends thats what i am worried about
likewow14: who???
Jared27970: anyone who brings false information to people
likewow14: i'll be the first one they should call i'll be more than happy to tell them that yall didnt cheat
Jared27970: i dont care about that
Jared27970: i know i didnt cheat and God knows i didnt cheat
likewow14: good, no one thinks your friends did either
Jared27970: however that isnt gonna help Chucky feel better of Ruby feel better knowing that everyone is gonna say u cheated to get that trophy
likewow14: who will say that....philipi wont
Jared27970: some people will
Jared27970: because thats how ignorant some people are
likewow14: who...i want names...i dont know of anyone
Jared27970: so from now on i am keeping my mouth shut
likewow14: i didnt know it was open
Jared27970: no one will know how i am studying, no one will find out what i know, and no one will know how to play me tell that second week in december
likewow14: thats good
Jared27970: if there is a missed quoted thing no matter if its 200 to 0 or 150 to 140 i will contest it
likewow14: im glad for your revelation, thats your business, is it unchristlike to tell someone when there wrong, or to get what you deserve???
likewow14: im not contentious, i contest very little, i do it when i feel it's apropriate
Jared27970: as of now...i have no true friends other than my bible bowl members....
likewow14: and if yall dont like it then oh well, that is also your bussiness
Jared27970: there ya go
Jared27970: i really dont wanna talk about this anymore, these people have upset me too much already...i will c u December 8
likewow14: fine, sorry to lose your friendship, but, i have more important things to do like talk to my friends who have guts enough to express there true opinion to others, love me, respect me, and most of all wouldnt stabb me in the back...see you december 8th at roanoke

likewow14 signed off at 11:48:55 PM.